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sunday morning 

It is our desire that your first visit to Beacon of Hope will be positive and encouraging. Here is a quick summary of what you may expect when you stop by. If you have more questions or want to let us know you are coming please shoot us and email or give us a call at (989) 790-8088.
What To Wear

Beacon meets with no formal dress code. Some people enjoy the opportunity to dress up. Others prefer the comfort of casual clothes they wear every day. You are welcome to come as you are. No expectations for anything else!

Service Time

We offer one worship service on Sunday morning at 10:00am.

The Drive

Our church is located on the corner of Superior St. & West Michigan Ave in the southwest corner of Saginaw. If you are familar with the area we are located where the old "Craigs IGA" was located for many years.  Our address is 2109 W. Michigan Ave. Saginaw, MI 48638.

Upon Arrival

When you arrive, one of our friendly greeters will welcome you at the door. If you want let the know you are a first time guest and they would be happy to give you a tour of the building. Any of our ushers or greeters will be glad to answer an questions concerning where to go, where are the bathrooms are, where is kids church, etc.  We always have coffee and punch available before and after service. Grab a cup.

And Yes you can take it with you int o the Worship Center.

The Worship

Beacon of Hope is a very diverse group of people that enjoy all types of music - which we consider a good thing. Songs on Sunday morning may consist of contemporary, traditional, and scripture songs. Our heart is to worship and glorify Him in Music and Actions as we worshipo Him corporately. During this time you are welcome to participate in whatever way you prefer, whether by standing, joining in singing, or by sitting and reflecting. Please be comfortable and follow the Spirit's leading as you worship.


Each week we present the opportunity to worship through tithes & offerings. We encourage you to give ONLY as you feel led by God and not under any obligation, reluctance, or compulsion. "God Loves A Cheerful Giver" 2 Corinthians 9:7


Every Sunday we take a few moments to share about recent and upcoming events. Take note of any events or activities you may be interested in, and if you have questions please ask an usher or greeter who can lead you to the right contact for the event.

The Message

Every week our Pastor has a message to share with the congregation. The bulletin contains notes and fill-in-the blanks  to help guide you throught the sermon. Each message is thoughtfully and prayerfully prepared by our Pastor throughout the week, and we hope it will result in challenging you to discover God and His love for you in your life.

Following The Service

As the service concludes you  are welcome to stay and visit with those around you or leave for the rest of your day's activites. If you have a need you may pray with those at the front of the worship center. On your way out, we encourage you to tintroduce yourself to the Pastor and staff. We love to make time for our guests.

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